Emirates News Agency – Spain to develop strategic partnership with UAE for regional and global stability (Prime Minister of Spain)

DUBAI, 2nd February, 2022 (WAM) — Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez has said that Spain will develop a strategic partnership with the United Arab Emirates to contribute to regional and global stability and prosperity.

“We feel a deep connection to the United Arab Emirates here, as we celebrate your 50th anniversary. Your leadership’s vision is to bring modernization and progress to your people and the region, at a pace never seen before.” , said the visiting Prime Minister. said in his speech during the Spanish National Day celebrations at the Spanish Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai on Wednesday.

“We will now develop a strategic partnership with the United Arab Emirates, to contribute to regional and global stability and prosperity, to promote the human rights of women and men everywhere, to participate in multilateral efforts to address common challenges such as climate change,” he added. affirmed.

Cooperation between Spain and the United Arab Emirates for global vaccination

Underscoring the urgent priority of overcoming the global pandemic, Sanchez cited the successful vaccination campaigns of Spain and the United Arab Emirates which have become international models.

“The success of Expo Dubai under these circumstances, and our very presence here today, illustrates the importance of safe mobility, both domestically and internationally. It is also a concept that the Spain and the Emirates have developed together,” he said.

The Prime Minister said international solidarity to fight COVID-19 is a moral duty as well as a practical need for all, adding that Spain has pledged to offer more than 50 million vaccines, with a focus particularly on Latin America and Africa.

He said Spain and the United Arab Emirates would continue to walk hand in hand in this global effort.

Expo as a turning point in history

Speaking about Expo 2020 Dubai, Sanchez said the global event is a window into the future at a time that represents a turning point in human history.

“The Spain pavilion represents commitment, our commitment to develop a new and decisive modernization of our country, based on progress, well-being and a sustainable and equitable recovery for all.”

As the post-pandemic economic recovery gathers pace, Spain and the UAE will also continue to collaborate, he said.

“We want to expand employment and investment opportunities and develop joint projects. We are proud to have 200 of our best companies here and a growing Spanish community of professionals, scientists, athletes and more. [in the UAE].”

Spanish-Emirati joint efforts

Spain’s economy is expected to grow above the EU average in the coming years, the prime minister said.

“Coupled with a solid legal and institutional framework, we are attracting more and more Emirati and international investment. Our pavilion also invites more Spanish-Emirati joint efforts, with other nations of the world, in areas very important to us such as education and science.”

The spirit of this World Expo in Dubai, which so closely reflects the genius and wonder of the United Arab Emirates, is set to live on, he added.

Speaking later at a press conference at the Spanish Pavilion, the Prime Minister said: “I am impressed by the magnificence of the organization of Expo 2020 under very difficult and very difficult circumstances caused by COVID. -19. The main theme of the Expo is a very interesting proposal that talks about global cooperation, opportunities, mobility and sustainability, which are the main global challenges we have after COVID-19.”

Strengthen multilateralism

Speaking on the relevance of multilateralism in the international arena, the Prime Minister said: “It is important today more than ever to strengthen our multilateral system, our multilateral framework and to respect international law and create spaces for dialogue” .

He cited Expo 2020 Dubai as an example of a multilateral platform.

“And I think with the two universal cultures and the two universal languages ​​such as Arabic and Spanish, we can give a positive insight into these very difficult times,” Sanchez said at the press conference.

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