Do you remember the Snowpocalypse that hit New England in 2013?

I have heard many people say that there are no more snow storms in New England like before. They remember storms where we had two or more feet of snow and it just doesn’t happen that way anymore.

Well, it may seem so, but there aren’t too many winters, so much of Maine has been covered in significant snow. So much so that the US Postal Service didn’t even deliver the mail that day.

9 years ago, on the evening of February 8, 2013, a blizzard hit New England and lasted all night until the morning of the 9th, dumping up to 33 inches of snow in parts of Maine. People called it the “snowpocalypse” because it shut down everything, including the US Postal Service which was unable to deliver mail that day.

The storm made its way up the coast to Connecticut, where a Hartford woman posted time-lapse video of her garden as snow piled up overnight, nearly burying her garden clock.

This was the view out my apartment window on the evening of the storm and it was only after about 4 hours of snowfall.

By morning 30 inches of snow had fallen in Portland and the wind created huge snowdrifts blocking our patio door with about a foot and a half of snow.

Snowfall totals across the state were impressive, with Gorham receiving 34 inches of massive snowfall while inland areas like the Oxford Hills saw less than a foot. It was one hell of a coastal storm.

Sure, we haven’t seen many numbers like this since then, but we’re due. Will we get through this winter without a big explosion like this? I don’t know about you, but I hope so. I think my back still hurts nine years later after shoveling.

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