Distance education at home is not meant to replace the classroom


PowerSchool’s Schoology platform is aimed at educators, students, and administrators. The company says it brings together services and modules from many third parties to help preserve teaching styles.


School was first and foremost a question of education at school. Then came the coronavirus pandemic, which withdrew 50 million students from school and largely online in the United States. The situation does not promise a return to previous levels of school attendance anytime soon, but many believe that online learning is a stopgap measure. Now what?

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How the best schools do distance learning


“There is a lot of talk that full online distance learning is not working,” said Hardeep Gulati, CEO of PowerSchool, an online education management technology company whose Schoology platform is used by many schools. In an interview with Brian Cooley of CNET, he said company data shows that schools that had already integrated an online education platform before the pandemic now have 92% engagement rates with students. This is compared to a 50% engagement in schools that had to adopt an e-learning platform for the first time due to COVID-19.

As the Schoology platform now focuses on digital learning and school management, “I would choose not to replace physical interaction but to better empower and empower teachers,” said Gulati. “In a public school district, 40% of a teacher’s time is spent on administrative tasks that can be automated so that they can devote more time to teaching.”

Hardeep gulati

Hardeep Gulati, CEO, PowerSchool


Gulati also does not recommend his company’s platform as a means of conforming or standardizing any education style or measures of success. “One of the beauties of education in the United States is that we don’t believe in cookie-cutter education. The challenge is how to capture all the energy and interaction of the classroom online. . We allow each teacher to bring their (Style of) online instructions. “

The CEO of PowerSchool shared a lot of other information about the intersection of education and online technology with Brian Cooley of CNET, which you can see in the video above.


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