Clear skies and sunshine to return on Thanksgiving Day


Tonight’s forecast:
Spells of snow will continue in parts of southern Colorado until late overnight, with some further accumulation expected for the southern mountains, Teller County, Fremont County and the Pikes Peak area. I think the winter weather will end around midnight as the storm clears north to south overnight.

COLORADO SPRINGS: Bottom: 17; High: 49. The clear sky late at night will leave us dry and cold Thursday morning. The sun will help us warm up throughout the afternoon, with highs expected to peak in the upper 40s.

PUEBLO: Low: 17; High: 53. The sun will come back in spades this Thanksgiving, but behind tonight’s storm, the highs will be chilly for this year’s Turkey Day in Pueblo.

CITY OF CANON: Mooing: 20; High: 52. Snow tonight, sun tomorrow! This is how we operate in southern Colorado at this time of year. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

WOODED PARK: Mooing: 9; High: 41. The day after Wednesday’s snowy weather will be a much brighter, but cooler, Thanksgiving Day across Teller County. Get together as the daytime highs will only warm up in the lower 40s.

TRI-LAKES: Mooing: 10 s; High: 40s. Aside from a few remaining clouds, Thanksgiving morning should start out clear and chilly. The sun during the day will take us from teenagers to middle and upper forties.

COMPLAINTS: Mooing: 10s / 20s; High: 40s / 50s. Along with a healthy dose of stuffing, your Thanksgiving Day forecast across the plains will be sunny and cool, with pleasing highs in the 40s and 50s.

WALSENBURG / TRINIDAD: Mooing: 10s / 20s; High: 40s / 50s. After a cold and unstable Wednesday, Thanksgiving this year along the south corridor of I-25 will be bright and sunny, with cool seasonal highs in the 40s and 50s.

MOUNTAINS: Low: 0s / 10s; High: 30s. A fresh coat of white will create a scenic day in the mountains of southern Colorado on Thursday. Snow on the ground and the sun will be the perfect addition to your Thanksgiving feast.

Extended outlook:
Increasing downdrafts will push the mercury skyward on Friday as highs rise in the 1950s and 1960s. A cooler and windier Saturday will be followed by another long period of generally dry conditions for southern Colorado, with above-average highs through the middle of next week.

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