Can Masturbation Help You Sleep Better? We are investigating.


I ended my weeklong experiment with a bang, pulling back Kama by Part Satisfaction. Boy does this toy hit the spot! It’s no wonder it’s a current bestseller.

With internal and external stimulation, it offers an experience like no other. Kama has both internal vibration and clitoral suction. I only use the suction, with the shaft inserted but the vibrations turned off.

It helps me focus on clitoral stimulation. And TBH, I can’t even get past level three. It’s crazy this thing! And led to a particularly good night’s rest.

The verdict?

As I’m sure you can imagine, masturbating every day certainly wasn’t the hardest job, but I was skeptical if it would actually make a difference. The results were a happy surprise!

Orgasming before bed has helped me feel more relaxed and has helped me fall asleep much faster than usual. The main thing was that it helps me reduce my stress level.

Focusing on something other than Instagram or TikTok before bed made the difference, and it was also nice to end my day with some self-esteem and self-care beyond the usual face mask and a scented candle.

People often forget how much self-pleasure can improve your mood and health. My nighttime routine consisted of mindlessly scrolling until my eyes were too tired to stay open. So it was a welcome change.

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Mixing it up using different sex toys kept things interesting, and at the end of the week my Apple Watch was showing an “average sleep time” of seven hours and 45 minutes, compared to the average of six hours and 50 minutes. of the previous week. Now I don’t know how accurate it is to trust a watch … BUT that seems like a big step to me!

Although I am not sure if I continue to masturbate every night, this experience was a great way to relax and reminded me that you need some downtime at the end of the day. Whether you decide to masturbate, read a book, take a long bubble bath, do yoga … the choice is yours!

This experience also helped me appreciate the power of pleasure and orgasms. Sexual pleasure is an essential part of our health and well-being, and it can do wonders for our bodies. I think this experience proves that self-pleasure is taking care of yourself!

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