Camping waste left on Scout Scar near Kendal is removed


A man from KENDAL remained “disgusted” after discovering camping gear left behind on a scenic South Lakeland waterfall.

Bob Christie found a tent, tarps, sleeping bag and an assortment of trash on a walk on Scout Scar, which overlooks Kendal, on Sunday.

Monday he spoke to The Westmorland Gazette call on those responsible for the litter to ascend the chute and retrieve it.

He looked for a ray of hope, hoping that the people who had left the trash had been taken in the rain and would come back to pick up their trash.

“I’ve never seen anything like it up there,” said Mr Christie, 62.

“It’s a region of great beauty and that obviously spoils the landscape.

“I think it’s pure laziness to be honest.

“They decided it was a good idea for a night of camping.

“They are so lazy and inconsiderate that they don’t bother to bring everything home, and it’s too much effort, too much to carry.”

On Tuesday, Mr Christie returned to the chute and found that the majority of the trash had been removed by “a few Good Samaritans or the original writers.”

There was still a pop-up tent there, however. Mr Christie has invited the owner to message him on Facebook if he wishes to pick it up. Otherwise, he will donate it to a charity store.

When he first encountered the litter, he took home a tarp that was flapping in the breeze to make sure the animals didn’t get stuck in it.

Mr Christie, a teacher at South Lakes Academy in Kendal, has been walking his dogs on Scout Scar and nearby Cunswick Scar for over ten years but said he had never seen a landfill of this size.

He estimated from the amount of waste that the litter had belonged to three or four people.

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