Buffalo Bills player tells Dolphins fans they had ‘no points’ and it’s hilarious [VIDEO]


In case you missed it, which is hard to do as it was a huge win, but the Buffalo Bills beat the Miami Dolphins on Sunday afternoon by a score of 35-0.

The Bills’ offense got off to a hot start with two quick touchdowns on the first two drives of the game, but they lulled until they picked up the pace in the second half.

The Bills’ defense was the biggest key to the game as they shut down Miami’s offense completely. Neither Tua Tagovailoa nor Jacoby Brissett could do anything in the passing game and were under constant pressure from the Bills’ pass rush.

Buffalo Bills safety Jordan Poyer played a role in the Bills’ defensive game plan and Poyer also had some fun with rowdy Dolphins fans near the end of the win.

A tweet that goes viral on Twitter shows Poyer telling Miami fans yelling at him that they had “no points.”

Bills fans love it and it makes fans laugh in this win on Monday.

It looks like some Dolphins fans were going there with Poyer and / or other players, and I’m not sure why, as Poyer was right to just point out the scoreboard… losing 35-0 speaks for itself.

Then again, it’s just different when the Bills face the Miami Dolphins or the New England Patriots. Sure, most fans talk to each other, but it’s a different atmosphere when it comes to the Bills / Dolphins or Bills / Patriots games.

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