Boyle County Ownership Transfers, August 3 – The Advocate-Messenger


Recent records filed with Boyle County Trille Bottom’s office include:

• Cassondra P. and Denver Scott at Hershel I. and Shirley J. McKinley, property in Valhalla Estates, $ 398,000.

• Lesley S. and John Reno at Sharon Leach, property on Old Shakertown Road, $ 145,000.

• Timothy Holderman and Annette Jewell to Melissa Johnson, owned on Ky. 150, $ 125,000.

• Ann M. Townes, through James O. Townes, to Owen F. and Barbara S. Haase, property in the Argyll subdivision, $ 367,000.

• Thomas M. and Lynn Taylor Tye at Blue Moon Cottage LLC, property next to Memorial Gardens, $ 130,000.

• Brian Sawyer and Nikki Sawyer to Mark S. Teshera and Azar Kordbachh, property in the Huntington Creek subdivision, $ 295,000.

• Caryn McCay to Elizabeth Cribbs, property on Cloverdale Drive, $ 180,000.

• Dwayne and Michelle Brown to Gary L. Sims, two leads in Boyle County, $ 153,000.

• William and Nancy Varga to Robert Wildman, property on Max Cavnes, $ 315,000.

• Joedy Sharpe Construction Co. to Mark A. and Julia Peach, property on Patrum Sisters Way, $ 273,900.

• Ronnie W. and Brenda Brown to Derek and Hannah Gray, property on East Main Street, $ 138,200.

• Bartholomew L. and Catherine S. Kelly at American Escrow & Closing Co., property on Boone Trail, $ 299,000.

• American Escrow and Closing Co. to Susan J. Hakerma and Theodrick Gunter, property on Boone Trail, $ 299,000.

• Antebellum Homes LLC to Gabriel E. Tolson and Melanie A. Allen, property in Boyle County, $ 220,000.

• Winna and Kevin B. Short to Carol M. and William Hayes, Third Street property, $ 287,000.

• Brad and Gwen Smith at Little Paws Piano LLC, owned by Charleston Greene Townhouses, $ 250,000.

• Katlyn Bailey and Scott W. Newby at 104 Boyden Court LLC, two Boyden Court leaflets, $ 125,000.

• Joshua and Lesley Wiglesworth to John F. and Johnnie D. Lyons, property on Manor Hill, $ 469,900.

• Patricia A. Peavler and Keith Wolfe to Michael C. Dawson, property on Greenview Drive, $ 50,000.

• K&E Holdings LLC to Mark W. and Ellen T. Quinton, South Fourth Street property, $ 325,000.

• Stephanie and Patrick Barsotti and Karen and Todd Davis to Ryan Daniel McClelland and Kandace N. Hodge, property on Regency Road, $ 160,000.

• Sharon L. and Douglas W. Davis III and Dennas W. and Ruthie Davis to Austen T. Pruitt, property in Crawford Springs Estates, $ 153,000.

• Samuel L. Belcher II, executor of the estate of Samuel L. Belcher, to Rowdy King, three tracts in Boyle County, $ 20,000.

• Poliana F. Leite and Lucio Andrade to Patricia and Robert Nabozny, property on Douglas Lane, $ 81,000.

• Ariel E. Carter to David M. and Amber Norman, property on Berwick Drive, $ 275,000.

• Stanley W. and Karen A. Caswell to Ronald D. and Mary I. Shepherd, property on Michael’s Crossing, $ 374,500.

• Yvonne Y. and Joseph Morley and Joseph L. and Jennifer K. York to Lauren Paynter and Katie Stevenson, property on Lexington Avenue, $ 120,000.

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