Artificial intelligence creates new opportunities that could not be reached by traditional technology, experts say


Experts pointed out that artificial intelligence (AI) creates new opportunities that could not be reached by traditional technology and could be used for healthcare as well as many other present and future challenges in various industries, when ‘a series of speeches recently.

“AI would not replace people but would create new opportunities in various fields. It works on data, and if we could train our machines, it could do wonders for us in milliseconds by automating processes. It can be used for diagnostic purposes for various diseases, including COVID-19, and could prove to be very effective in remote areas where adequate health facilities are not available. The key to success in using AI for various problems is to reach as many people as possible, ”Department of Science and Technology (DST) secretary Professor Ashutosh Sharma said during the series of speeches. online DST Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav New India @ 75, organized by National Council for Science and Technology Communication and Vigyan Prasar. Facebook is developing artificial intelligence, new ways to detect users under the age of 13.

He explained how DST has progressed over the past few years, sowing foundational technologies, and launched several programs to address the challenges that are coming faster with science, technology and innovation-based solutions. “The emergence of disruptive and impactful technologies poses new challenges and simultaneously greater opportunities. DST is an incubator to help, nurture and develop young talents for the progress and development of the country, ”he added. Artificial intelligence and smart technologies are redefining the college admissions process.

Anna Roy, Senior Advisor, NITI Aayog, pointed out that AI can be used effectively for various challenges in the country.

“India has a number of challenges, but at the same time we also have the advantage of being a data rich country with many IT professionals, educators and a demographic dividend. All of this could prove to be a boon for us if we could use them for the progress and development of the country, ”said Anna Roy.

She underlined the role that NITI Aayog is playing in identifying the various problems of the country and suggesting the future road map for India. “NITI Aayog, as the leading think tank for the government and the country, creates policies to expand the science and technology ecosystem and to take industry and academia in the progress and development of the country in all sectors. », She underlined.

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