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A body of water is a term that represents the lakes, oceans and rivers of the world today. All bodies of water vary in extent, scale, and formation, but each is remarkably valuable to humanity. When it comes to travel destinations, tropical ocean getaways and summer lake retreats tend to win out on the list. Yet what about flowing freshwater rivers?

Trips to all-American rivers are more than wallowing in rapids, casting fishing lines, or enjoying outdoor picnics by the river. Rivers are destinations that offer a new perspective on America’s wildest and most scenic regions and offer first-time adventure experiences and natural heights of awe and wonder. Without further ado, let’s take a closer look at some of the best river trips to do in America.

Hanalei River, Hawaii

Thoughts of this tropical state paradise often correspond to luaus or beaches along the ocean. All the while, the Hanalei River on Kauai offers visitors a picturesque scene straight out of a fairy tale book. This heritage river is full of rich history and natural legends. Visitors can low-impact kayaking along the peaceful river through a wildlife refuge or paddle to Hanalei Bay to snorkel with long-nosed dolphins and majestic sea turtles.

Kenai River, Alaska

One of America’s best river trips passes through a beautiful area of ​​Alaska’s Kenai Peninsula, a borough southwest of Anchorage. The Kenai River is a Meltaway River offering visitors unique views of local wildlife. Not to mention the top notch fishing opportunities being the most popular spot for sport fishing in the state. This world-famous drifting river corridor stretches for miles and miles of turquoise waters that Pacific salmon and trout call home.

Colorado River, Arizona

The Colorado River in the southwestern part of the country flows through seven states and is the 6e the largest river in the country. This so called “American Nile” is a natural scenic wonder to behold. In its main section near the Grand Canyon in Arizona, the river offers a first-rate thrill of adventure with its raging rapids. Visitors to this region should remain aware of the common dangers of rivers throughout their camping, whitewater rafting, and hiking trips.

Snake River, Idaho

An even more rugged experience is offered to river adventurers in and around the waters of the Snake River. This historic river spans Wyoming, Oregon, and Idaho, providing visitors with breathtaking views of various natural mountain and plains landscapes. Its breathtaking stretch in Idaho along Hells Canyon, America’s deepest river gorge, is an awe-inspiring boating, fishing, and wildlife viewing destination.

Since the dawn of civilization, rivers have played an important role in the life of mankind for travel, subsistence, irrigation and recreation. Today, these miles of wild and picturesque rivers remain the perfect places for memorable adventure experiences.

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