Alex Warren went from sleeping in a car to owning a mansion


Alex Warren is a star of TikTok, with over 14 million subscribers on the platform. He is also the co-founder of the first TikTok house, The Hype House. He drives a McLaren. He is rich and famous. It’s pretty good to be Alex Warren.

But two years ago he was sleeping in his friends’ cars.

Warren’s childhood was not easy. After his father died at the age of nine, Alex was raised by an alcoholic mother with behavioral problems. She finally threw him out of the house when he was seventeen.

He was homeless and slept in his friends’ cars. He didn’t even have his own car to sleep on.

Warren said, “A lot of my friends’ relatives didn’t like me because instead of working or going to college they would hang out with me and shoot vlogs. They wouldn’t let me stay at their house, so I would sleep in my friends’ cars. And the next day, I was touring with them. And the next night I would go to someone else’s house and do the same. “

Despite his life situation, he had no doubts that he had become a successful YouTuber.

He said: “I was driving with Kouvr (his girlfriend Kouvr Annon) and she asked,” Why don’t you have a plan B? What if it doesn’t work? “And I said,” It will be. I literally can’t see myself doing anything else. It’s the one thing I really love to do that makes me happy and I’m crazy doing it every day. “”

Warren continued, “I don’t do drugs. I do not drink alcohol. My absolute maximum is when posting. Once I have a video, it’s literally the best feeling in the world. And it’s like that every time I download. “

Warren went from 1 million subscribers to 14 million last year. It’s easy to look at this massive growth and label it as an overnight sensation.

But her path to success is much longer than a TikTok star who “explodes” after posting a viral video.

Warren said: “I’ve been in this business for 11 years. It was never immediate for me. But I knew it would pay off eventually. I think if you really want it the numbers will come. It’s easy. for me to do it. say that because I’m in the position where I’m making money from it now. But even when I wasn’t, I loved it. So as long as you’re having fun, who gives like …-? The return will come eventually. “

Despite its wealth and success, it remains relatable. He said, “I think the reason I stay relatable is that I don’t buy nice clothes; I shop at Target. Also, I don’t talk much about the things I own. I just find it so out of date when influencers say, ‘Hey, look at my house! Hey, look at the car I bought. Hey, look at this thing I just bought. The fact that we are in a pandemic and that a lot of people are going through very difficult times, it doesn’t make sense for me to say, ‘Watch all this – I bought because you watch my videos.’ “

It’s this unpretentious attitude about money and fame that keeps people coming back.

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