Advice for a successful visit to Glacier Park – Pre-registration


A successful visit to Glacier National Park this summer will require some planning in advance through the Recreation dot gov website due to the massive increase in visitors this year.

KGVO held talks with Public Information Officer Gena Kerzman on Friday.

“The ticket entry reservation will give you the date your reservation is valid and it is valid for seven days,” Kerzman said. “And it doesn’t matter which of those seven days you use your ticket. But once the seven days have passed, the ticket is no longer valid. This is for every time you make your reservation. So let’s say you went to ( this morning and have a reservation for today. Your ticket would be good for today and for a total of seven days.

Many have tried to avoid the ticketing system for the Going to the Sun route by coming before the official start or after 5 p.m. Kerzman’s comments.

“When you get to the West Entrance or St. Mary’s Entrance, have your ticket ready and walk out with your ID so you can show the Rangers when you enter the park, which will speed things up. The other thing is if you want to come after five o’clock if you don’t have a reservation, if you can wait and not come before 5.30 p.m. or 6 p.m., it will help you cut down on the waiting time that the queue will take. ‘waiting will not do. be that long and we’ll go much faster at six o’clock.

Having reservations for any activity you want to do at Glacier Park will save you a lot of time and frustration.

“A reservation for an entrance ticket is a day use ticket, which means you have to leave the park in the evening, so if you want to stay overnight in the park you can only camp in areas of designated camping, and you do so need to have a reservation for it on, or if you’re lucky enough to catch one of the first come, first served. Then you can also get a reservation this way, but camping at Glacier National Park is only in designated areas.

Kerzman said it’s essential to have a reservation before you go to the park, as most reservations cannot be made when you get there.

“There is a normal entry fee which is $ 35 per vehicle or you can have another pass like an annual Glacier pass or a senior citizen pass or an intergovernmental pass,” she declared. “Whatever pass you may have, it will get you your vehicle entry pass for a fee of $ 35. You can pay this entrance fee in advance or you can pay it once you arrive at the park. But your admission reservation for Going to the Sun Road must be purchased in advance on and these are not available at the park.

Additionally, due to COVID 19 protocols, anyone using park transit must wear a mask.

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