A butterfly-shaped house is on sale for Rs 52 Crore in Greece

An unusual butterfly-shaped house with no ground floor walls has gone up for sale in Greece for $6.78 million (Rs 52 crore).

The ready-to-use house is located on the picturesque coastline of Vouliagmeni and is considered one of the most distinctive houses in the world. It’s a smart home with five bedrooms, four bathrooms, a private basement, open-plan living space, and an indoor pool.

The home that spans over 5,381 square feet overlooks outdoor features including man-made lakes and floating pathways. Viewed from above, the house reveals the shape of a butterfly with holes in the ceiling mimicking the patterns on the wings.

Jam Press/JK Property & Yachting

The main level features an open floor plan concept with no walls. There is also an elevator that goes from floor to floor. “It’s inspired by the shape of the butterfly to provide both shade and complete privacy,” the listing says.

It’s not that! The interiors of the house are completely white and the ground floor includes the living and dining areas which open onto the swimming pool and the outdoor area. It is also accentuated by nature and greenery everywhere.

There is also a lower level which descends below the ground floor. This lower floor features a home theater and three bedrooms with three additional bathrooms. The property is located in the chic district of Kavouri.

White House
Jam Press/JK Property & Yachting

Pops of purple lighting and dipped beams shine through the house and seem to bring the “butterfly” to life, while the absence of simplistic walls and furnishings allow visitors to focus on the landscape outside, including the Greek sunsets.

Currently, the home features a curved sofa that sits next to a natural stone wall in the private basement, as well as a mirror-style headboard and centerpiece, and a private closet in the bedrooms.

Although we wouldn’t want to stay in this house on a windy day, because literally the whole house is open space. We imagine that the house was sold at such a high price because of the high-end amenities it offers the owner.

house exterior
Jam Press/JK Property & Yachting

What do you think? Would you buy a house like this that gives you no privacy?

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