7 foods to eat and 7 to avoid for bladder health

Not all foods should be dropped like a hot potato, and well, potatoes are one of them. Beyond the high amount of carbs we know and love about potatoes, you’ll find that these brown potatoes are loaded with the nutrients your body needs to function properly. For example, potatoes are a rich source of fiber and while it does wonders for cleaning out your gut, it also helps keep your digestive system moving and flushing out irritating bacteria. Plus, foods high in carbs and fiber help you feel full faster, reducing your risk of eating another bladder-irritating food. According Good + Goodif you eat sweet potatoes, you are also inviting potassium and protein into your body, which can calm your bladder.

Now, not all potato dishes are created equal – the method of preparation can either help or greatly hinder its healthiness. Processed potato products such as potato chips and French fries contain frying oil and other ingredients that negate the health benefits of potatoes. WebMD warns that potato chips are high in salt and that eating salty foods causes the body to retain more water. The retained water, as well as the thirst that comes from eating foods high in salt, can cause you to urinate more often.

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