$ 50,000 Powerball ticket sold at ShopRite in Pennington


Powerball is getting bigger and bigger. No one is getting the big bucks right now.

There was a lucky ticket that was sold in the Pennington area and we’re pretty sure people screamed because they got a good amount of money.

According to NJ Lottery, a $ 50,000 ticket was sold at Shoprite located at 2555 Pennington Rd., Pennington in Mercer County. We learned that this winner was drawn from the draw on Saturday July 17th.

Even though this is only a third tier prize, there is money left that can change anyone’s life in the blink of an eye.

The numbers that could have made someone a millionaire were 15, 22, 38, 54, and 66, with 3 being the Red Powerball number.

The name of the $ 50,000 winner has yet to be released, but whoever it is is a very lucky person. The person who won $ 50,000 matches 4 of the 5 numbers.

Should this person be frustrated for missing the jackpot by a number? Personally, I wouldn’t care. I would take the $ 50,000.

It was stated on the NJ Lottery website that there were approximately $ 142,198 in winnings from other NJ Lottery players. These winners took home prizes ranging from $ 4 to $ 200.

Now that Powerball is still up for grabs, it sits at $ 161,000,000. The next Powerball draw will take place on Wednesday July 21 at 10:59 pm.

I know the odds of being the real lottery winner are slim, but I’m going to take my chances because even if it’s only a few thousand, I’ll take it anyway.

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