1865 Pine Grove Schoolhouse closed for the summer due to a pandemic


Avon Historical Society press release:

June 2, 2021

This year, on Saturday June 12, the state of Connecticut is asking all historic sites and museums to be open to residents free of charge. However, due to ongoing pandemic recommendations for the reopening of historic sites, the Avon Historical Society has decided to close the 1865 Pine Grove School again, at the corner of West Avon and Harris Road, for the summer season. visitors. Being a one-room museum, it’s difficult to socially distance yourself, ventilate the property, and keep it clean due to the delicacy of the artifacts. Instead, the Company invites everyone to learn more about the school and West Avon by watching a YouTube video made in 2020 located on the Company’s website at: https: // avonhistoricalsociety … or by searching for it on YouTube. In addition, there is a large double-sided kiosk on site with photos and information about when it was a school.

Pine Grove Schoolhouse’s small free library, located next to the building on the south side, is also available to the public. It is packed with books for all ages and all levels of interest. Don’t hesitate to pick up or leave a book or two this summer. It is accessible to everyone 24/7.

In addition to the small, free PGSH library, there is another attraction on the premises. Last summer, Avon residents Bill, Agnes and Emma Brown hid a geocache on the property. Geocaching, like the small free libraries, is a global scavenger hunt through their site www.geocaching.com. This particular cache, named “Simpler Times” is in a handmade birdhouse. You will have to visit it to find out more!

The Avon Historical Society is hoping that even if the school is not available during the CT Museum Open House, residents will stop by, read the booth, share or grab a book or two, and view the property. exterior with a visit plan inside. summer 2022! For more information on the Avon Historical Society, visit: www.avonhistoricalsociety.org.

This press release was produced by the Avon Historical Society. The opinions expressed here are those of the author.

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