10 trips that will make a guy’s weekend memorable

Traveling is a legitimate way to create exciting memories, try new cuisines, and fill the Instagram feed. However, traveling can be more than just a vacation if the right destination, the right people and the right trip are selected. Basically, a guys trip is an amazing way to spend time with close friends and indulge in new adventures. Undoubtedly, finding the best mancation destination can be nerve-wracking. Therefore, for a flawless trip, the destinations considered and the activities considered must be downright perfect for the guys. Here are 10 trips that will make a guy’s weekend unforgettable.

ten Seychelles beach trip

From Beau Vallon to Anse Louis and Grande Anse to Petite Anse beach, everything about the Seychelles screams paradise. Most of these beaches have gentle slopes providing ideal conditions for swimming. Those who want to experience the beaches of the Seychelles in all their glory can have an exciting time picnicking on the vast sand beds. Also, the group can indulge in other fun activities such as parasailing, scuba diving, snorkeling, water surfing, and kayaking.

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9 Outdoor Adventure and Fun in Lake Louise, Canada

Located in Banff National Park, Lake Louise has billed itself as the ultimate leader in vacationing abroad. From hiking to mountain biking, canoeing, fishing, golfing, rock climbing, and rafting, even for those who don’t adorn nature, there’s the drive that comes with this lake. Also, the lake has some of the most magnificent alpine skiing areas during those cold winter days. To explore all that this lake has to offer, the boys can opt for a helicopter ride, a glacier walk, a wildlife safari or a grizzly bear tour.

8 Cultural Tours In Rome, Italy

Visitors will honestly believe that Rome was not built in a day due to the plethora of wonders just waiting to be explored. This ancient city has an impressive collection of works of art and is the perfect historical setting for the masterpieces on display. Culture vultures will be pleasantly surprised, enjoying all the highlights in one visit. Some of the most emblematic places are the Gallery of Maps, the Gallery of Tapestries and the Gallery of Candelabra. There is also the Sistine Chapel and the site of Michelangelo’s famous frescoes.

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seven Hiking in northern Spain

If you are planning a group trip, one tip to keep the budget low is to go hiking. And one of the best places to hike is Spain. Hikers can enjoy the thrills brought by the famous Camino de Santiago, the Picos de Europa National Park and the Vias Verdes. For a smooth experience, hikers can take the Ruta del Cares, which is the most famous and scenic route in northern Spain. However, hikers should be prepared for caves, mountain goats, and streams of turquoise water.

6 Go for nightlife in Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas is the ultimate weekend destination, thanks to its eclectic nightlife. It has long been renowned as a great party destination. In fact, almost every hotel on the Strip has a nightclub or two. Las Vegas clubs have the best DJs and performers every day. Some top discos include; Zouk, Mandalay Bay, Omnia, The Cromwell and Jewel.

5 Gorilla Trekking In Virunga National Park, DRC

The array of incredible things to see and do makes the Democratic Republic of Congo one of the most glamorous and adventurous places in Africa to visit. Virunga National Park, located along the borders of Rwanda and Uganda, is home to diverse wildlife. The park is home to many mountain gorillas and is the only park with three of the four great apes in one location. Gorilla trekking in Virunga National Park can be an awesome activity for boys who want to explore the outdoors. The park has rangers who help small groups of visitors to the jungle-covered volcanoes where these gorillas live. For more adventure, the group can go to the top of Mount Nyiragongo, an active volcano, and have a view of the largest lava lake in the world.

4 Island hopping in Thailand

Thailand is a really cool destination for a vacation. Its varied landscapes range from jungles and coastal plains to snow-capped mountains and rocky canyons. Visitors will never tire of exploring all of its awe-inspiring sights. However, a visit to Thailand will be incomplete without island hopping. Surrounded by a mysterious aura, Thailand’s hundreds of islands cast a magical spell over visitors, whether in the Andaman Sea to the west or the Gulf of Thailand to the east. Some of Thailand’s most glorious islands include; Koi Phi Phi, Kho Chang, Phuket and Koh Lanta.

3 Colorado ski or snowboard trip

A ski trip is one of the best guy trips to take. However, some crew members may not know skiing. Therefore, it is essential to take ski/snowboard lessons for beginners. Some of the best ski resorts in Colorado include the ski resorts of Steamboat, Keystone, Telluride, and Breckenridge.

2 Cycling around Vietnam

Cycling in Vietnam is a perfect trip for energetic travelers. Vietnam’s roads are ideal for cycling. Cyclists can start in Hanoi and progress to Ninh Binh and Halong Bay before beginning the journey along the coast. It’s also a great way to keep in shape while on vacation.

1 The American Sports Stadium Tour

Watching sports and participating in games in this area is usually a guy thing. Therefore, the all-American sports stadium tour will provide a great platform for the boys to watch some highly recognized baseball stadiums around the world. A visit to the Ballpark will not only be entertaining, but it’s also an amazing experience for history buffs. The tour isn’t just for baseball fans; football fans can also visit some of these stadiums for a similar experience. Wrigley Field in Chicago and Fenway Park in Boston, certain destinations lend themselves to such activities.

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