10 Popular Sailing Destinations on the US East Coast

The United States East Coast boasts some of the most amazing sailing grounds, each unique in their own way. Sure, there are bucket-list-worthy sailing destinations on the West Coast and around the world, but none quite like these Eastside haunts. Plus, with so many beautiful places to drop anchor along the way, sailors and boaters might miss some of these hidden gems. So whether you want to escape civilization or just enjoy some serious boating time, these ten popular boating destinations on the US East Coast should definitely be checked off your bucket list this summer if they don’t. have not already done.

ten Westampton, New York

With vast beaches and a secluded atmosphere all around, Westhampton feels like an untouched paradise for boaters. Yet this northern part of the United States, just off the Atlantic coast, is teeming with surf clubs, sailing schools, marinas, fresh seafood and more. Sail inland and enjoy all that this east coast nautical destination has to offer. As a bonus, there are a host of water activities here, from jet skiing and parasailing to paddle boarding, crabbing and fishing. So be sure to check those waters out this summer.

9 Montauk, New York

Navigate a little further down the path, and you’ll come across Montauk, New York. Located at the most easterly end of Long Island, Montauk is the perfect home base for big water boating. In addition, this place is really ideal for those looking to fish. Novice boaters and anglers will find plenty of pelagics, bass, albacore and bluefish just beyond the mainland here. Further offshore there is also an abundance of tuna, marlin, shark, swordfish, as well as cod and pollock. So if boating season means prime fishing for you, this destination can definitely accommodate you.

8 Portland, Maine

East Coast boaters can sail just past New York City if they’re looking for iconic views and a chance to experience one of the East Coast’s most popular boating destinations. Boaters can see Portland Head Lighthouse away as they approach Casco Bay on the path of Portland. Once there, get ready to experience one of Maine’s rich cultural scenes, sample delicious cuisine, and marvel at this town’s charming waterfront. In particular, mooring can be limited in the middle of town, especially in high season. But, the good news is that there are slipways and moorings available, as well as nearby moorings.

seven Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts

Just off the south coast of Cape Cod, MA, boaters can feast on a small island accessible only by boat or plane. But, once there, you will quickly find that Martha’s Vineyard is the stuff that summer vacation destinations are made of. With gorgeous waters, multiple beaches, arthouse cinemas, film festivals, fine restaurants and a bustling little town center with terrace bars, there really is no wrong way to enjoy Martha’s Vineyard, especially during the summer season when this popular boating spot is in full bloom.

6 Newport, Rhode Island

Of course, when it comes to quality boating on the East Coast, Newport will almost always be on the list. This yacht-filled haven has stunning harbors, all the quaint charm of a small New England town and more. Here, boaters can stock up on incredible seafood, marvel at marinas and enjoy one of the America’s First Beach Resorts, as Newport is so affectionately called. This little piece of boater’s paradise is surrounded by water on all sides and offers vacationers endless things to see and do.

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5 Annapolis, Maryland

Yet another dream destination for boaters is located just off the scenic Chesapeake Bay. The waters in Annapolis, Maryland, make this spot an ideal destination for families. Here, visitors can enjoy the calming waters off the coast and venture inland if they choose to have more fun in the sun at one of the many nearby state parks. With an abundance of outdoor activities, including fishing, swimming, hiking, crabbing, boat races, yacht clubs, and plenty of social events, this area of ​​the Chesapeake Bay is a must. absolute this summer.

4 Virginia Beach, Virginia

If you are looking for more than one type of nautical destination, you need look no further than Virginia Beach. This fun part of the east coast has it all, with easy access to the ocean, the bay, as well as several rivers and lakes. So visitors can choose their preferred method of navigation here and, when ready, can moor up for a fantastic evening on the town. Here visitors can discover all the restaurants, stroll along the famous promenade or simply relax on the pier which promises a unique sunset.

3 Charleston, South Carolina

Known as a real city on the water, Charleston is aimed at boaters and gourmets. With countless coves, ports, waterways, winding coves, sea islands and marinas, boaters can look forward to all the outdoor adventures to be had in this coastal city. Plus, there’s certainly no shortage of fantastic yacht clubs, top-notch sailing schools, gourmet restaurants or exciting history in this famous yachting town. So what are you waiting for? Get out this summer and enjoy all that this water-loving city has to offer.

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2 Tybee Island, Georgia

Tybee Island is another fan favorite for most boaters who want to enjoy all that sea and land have to offer. So visitors can expect to see more than a few white-sand beaches with die-hard beachgoers, swimmers and dolphins playing in the water, and more. It’s the perfect outdoor paradise for everyone, and if you’re in town in late summer or early fall, it’s imperative that you experience the incredible Tybee Island. Weekend Pirate Party.

1 Fort Lauderdale, Florida

To finish, Fort Lauderdale is a must-visit East Coast yachting haven that does not disappoint. With its many beaches, visitors will quickly notice that, in many ways, life here revolves around water. So, it’s also no surprise that this East Coast town is known as the yachting capital of the world and is definitely worth checking off your yachtsman’s wish list. As an additional incentive, the annual report Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show (one of the largest in the world) should be reason enough for water and boat lovers to stop by.

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