10 Most Scenic Waterfalls (According To Their Instagram-Worthy Hashtags)

There are many natural attractions that attract people from all over the world, but the roaring sounds, frightening sprays, powerful falls and surrounding scenery have made the waterfalls one of the most beloved natural attractions in the world. But while the waterfalls are popular among nature lovers, only a few can be visited. To save time and show the most beautiful waterfalls in the world, Travelbag, a specialist in creating holiday ideas, has produced a study of the most picturesque waterfalls in the world using Instagram hashtags. This is purely fact based, and the facts don’t lie, so be prepared to visit these waterfalls as they are quite simply the most scenic in the world.

10/10 Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia

Plitvice Lakes are a system of 16 lakes which flow at different levels and create several spectacular waterfalls. The turquoise color of the lakes and the surrounding lush forest add to the scenery of this whole region and make it one of the most beautiful national parks in the world. The Plitvice Lakes have been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site. They attract over a million visitors and also have over 97,000 Instagram posts to their name.

9/10 Snoqualmie Falls, USA

With over one million annual visitors, Snoqualmie Falls is one of the most visited waterfalls in the world. Located in Washington State, this waterfall rises to a height of 268 feet (82 m), and although it attracts people because of its beauty, the falls are also significant to the Snoqualmie people, who believe that the first man and the first woman were established.

8/10 Bridalveil Fall, United States

The roaring sounds of Bridalveil Fall are what often greet visitors to Yosemite Valley. This waterfall has a height of 620 feet and a picturesque backdrop of stunning rock formations. This, combined with the beautiful vegetation at the foot of the waterfall, makes it picturesque and unique. Bridalveil Fall is accessible by a short hike and the best time to visit is late spring and early summer.

7/10 Seljalandsfoss, Iceland

Iceland has many waterfalls worth a visit, but the Seljalandsfoss happens to be the most popular in the country. This waterfall located in the south of Iceland is neither the tallest nor the widest in the country, but it is certainly the most picturesque. Seljalandsfoss has a 60m drop and its sun exposure often makes the surrounding rock formation, cave and other things around the waterfall more beautiful. Many people prefer to see the waterfall at sunrise or sunset, but the view is stunning anytime.

6/10 Kawasan Falls, Philippines

Located in Cebu, Kawasan Falls is one of the waterfalls that attracts visitors just for its scenery. The waterfall is small compared to many others, but the beautiful turquoise pool below the waterfall and the surrounding dense forest combine to make it one of the most scenic waterfalls in the world. No traveler would want to have that view on their profile, which is why the waterfall hashtag now has over 160,000 posts on Instagram. After taking fascinating photos, tourists often dive into the turquoise pool to take a dip.

5/10 Yosemite Falls, USA

Yosemite Falls is famous not only for its scenic beauty, but also for the thrilling adventures it offers. Rising to a height of 2,425 feet (739 m), this waterfall is the tallest in Yosemite National Park and peaks in flow in late spring. Yosemite Falls is divided into upper, middle, and lower sections. The upper parts of the falls are the most spectacular, although you have to engage in a challenging 5 hour hike see this. The lower part, however, is very easy to see and it is also spectacular.

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4/10 Multnomah Falls, USA

Multnomah Falls is an Oregon gem that has been named the most-visited natural recreation site in the American Pacific Northwest. There are several reasons why this waterfall is so popular with people. Along with the surrounding vegetation that changes with the seasons, this waterfall rises to a total height of 620 feet and often gives visitors that splash of spray that makes the experience more refreshing.

3/10 Iguazu Falls, Brazil and Argentina

The mighty show of force and mesmerizing scenery that can be seen at Iguazu Falls is perhaps the reason why it ranks as the third most posted waterfall on Instagram. The massive flow of water that can be seen at Iguazu Falls is the combined effort of several hundred waterfalls positioned on the Iguazu River. The surrounding lush forests even combine to make the waterfall more scenic and breathtaking. Both Brazil and Argentina claim parts of the falls, and each side offers a unique experience, which is why both sides are worth visiting.

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2/10 Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe and Zambia

Located on the border between Zimbabwe and Zambia, Victoria Falls has been designated as one of the the seven natural wonders of the world. With a height of 1,708 m and a width of 107 m, it is one of the largest waterfalls in the world. People who often come to visit this waterfall often cannot help but share the scenery their eyes have seen with their friends, which is why the waterfall has amassed more than 300,000 posts on Instagram.

1/10 Niagara Falls, USA and Canada

With 3.5 million hashtags on Instagram, Niagara Falls is indeed the most popular waterfall in the world. Niagara Falls is a colossal sight to behold as it features three waterfalls and encompasses the border between the United States and Canada. Niagara Falls can be visited from both sides, and it is often debated which is the best part to view the falls, but this debate is often dismissed because such a unique attraction should be seen from both sidesand there are several ways to do it.

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