10 amazing places to visit in Australia in 2022

Dive into the clear waters of Ningaloo Reef, a must-visit destination for nature and wildlife lovers. Over 300 kilometers long, this World Heritage-listed reef is one of the most biologically diverse marine environments on the planet. Accessible from Exmouth or Coral Bay, you can walk right on the beach and snorkel among 200 species of coral teeming with 500 species of colorful fish.

In Ningaloo you can swim with friendly whale sharks, the biggest fish in the world. Take a eco-friendly boat tour run by locals with a passion for swimming alongside these plankton-eating giants of the ocean. Feel true awe as you witness their effortless majesty – a rare encounter with wildlife that will stay with you forever. You can also swim with the graceful humpback whales as they migrate along the coast each year on Western Australia’s ‘Humpback Highway’, or dive underwater with Coral Bay’s acrobatic manta rays that inhabit Ningaloo all year round.

Another must-do Ningaloo adventure is ‘drift snorkelling’ at Turquoise Bay – relax in the warm current and enjoy the parade of marine life, just meters from shore. For a different perspective, explore the rugged red cliffs, wildlife and wide open spaces of Cape Range National Park – by 4×4, by boat or on foot. This pristine park hugs the coastline, offering dazzling views of red canyons meeting white sand and the azure Indian Ocean.

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